Firejuice is a team of marketing consultants who work exclusively with small and medium-sized companies across Southern Africa to grow revenue.

Our involvement is always temporary as we aim to make a significant impact over a short time, empowering you to do better marketing within your business.

Firejuice Marketing Consultation - Team portraits - Bernard

Principal Consultant

Bernard is an experienced marketing consultant with significant experience working inside highly entrepreneurial environments.

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Firejuice Marketing Consultation - Team portraits - Moshoeu

Project Manager

Moshoeu is a marketing project manager skilled at implementing a diverse range of projects within tight budgets and timelines.

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We work with you over a fixed term to help you take a structured, strategic approach to marketing.

Why work with us?

We are entirely independent and focused on working with you temporarily to help you take a best-practice approach to invest in marketing. We’ve done this for over a hundred businesses since 2015 across multiple industries and sectors, from one-person businesses to million dollar regional companies in Southern Africa.

Not a marketing agency...

We are marketing consultants, not a marketing agency. We develop marketing strategies and plans and help you implement them, but we don’t do your marketing “for you”. We have an established network of suppliers that help with graphic design, website development, social media, and digital marketing where needed.

Only two of us?

Indeed, only the two of us – a top-notch team. We always have capacity since our processes are established, and we use technology to support our delivery. Also, since our focus is on strategy, coaching and project management, our involvement is never based on hours but on value delivered.