We offer boutique strategic marketing services to small and medium-sized companies. Typically, such services are only available to corporate companies who pay international consultancies huge fees.

We take a no-nonsense, collaborative approach, and package our services over a set period, generally from 3 to 12 months, and at a fixed fee.

With the outlay agreed in advance, both parties can now focus sharply on the best possible outcomes.

A selection of strategic marketing services to help individuals and companies do better marketing. 

Independent opinion

A professional opinion of your branding and marketing based on a rapid review of recent activities and results.

Marketing strategy

We help you solve your most pressing strategic marketing challenges through in-depth investigation and a clear recommendation that fits your unique situation.

Marketing plan

A strategic marketing plan to give you clarity on how to communicate a compelling message to customers.

Training & support

We work with your internal marketing team to transfer our skills and help them during a period of intense activity.

Coaching & advisory

We advise and teach business owners and executives how to become better marketers themselves to promote their companies.

Virtual marketing department

We manage the implementation of your marketing and continuously refine it by acting as your outsourced Marketing Director and Marketing Manager.

How we charge

Our fees are not tied to hours but rather the value each option represents to achieving the overall business objective. We either charge a monthly fee starting from ZAR10,000 (or USD 1,000) or a project fee starting from ZAR100,000 (USD 10,000) upwards.

How we work

Firejuice is a “strategic unit” that helps small to medium-sized companies take a strategic marketing approach. We work collaboratively with you, combining our marketing fundamentals expertise with your unique business knowledge to develop relevant solutions quickly, no matter your industry.