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Senior marketing consultant, Bernard Jansen, works directly with you as a part-time marketing director to help your company take a strategic and structured approach to how it invests in marketing.

How it works

A virtual marketing meeting with Benard every two weeks to jointly develop, document and refine a marketing strategy and guide you as you implement the strategy with the help of your team and a selection of suppliers. In between meetings, contact is maintained via email and WhatsApp to help you maximise progress and assist wherever needed.


Minimum of three months.


R20,000 per month.

Some feedback

Kikx Clothing

Firejuice helped me structure my ideas for a new clothing brand and held me to launch it cost-effectively. Their practical advice and obvious experience across the full spectrum of marketing activities certainly gave me a headstart.

The Institute for Leadership and Transformation (TILT)
Dr. Jean Cooper - Managing Director

I have contracted Firejuice to provide me with sales and marketing coaching and I am amazed at the immediate difference this has made. They challenged my thinking on various levels and made me realise how integral the marketing process is to the entire business. This was the best investment I could make!

Topia Water
Rudi van den Heever - Managing Director

Really enjoyed working with Bernard and his team on defining our marketing strategy. We had a complicated process to follow to dissect the multiple levels and brands we work with, but the process was managed in an easy to understand and effective manner.