Marketing consulting services to help small and midsized companies take a structured approach to business development.


Brand development

We work with you to strengthen existing brands and conceptualise and launch new ones through precise positioning and impactful execution.


Marketing plans

We write strategic marketing plans that help companies take a considered, structured approach to communicate with and attract customers.

Project management

We act as your outsourced marketing coordinator and manager, implementing your digital marketing and other traditional activities through our network of trusted partners or your existing suppliers.

Coaching & advisory

We work with business owners and executives as brand coaches and marketing advisors, helping them take a strategic approach to growth.

Support & mentorship

We work with internal marketing teams, supporting them during busy periods and transferring our skills through mentorship.


Account plans

We help you strategically segment your existing and prospective customers and formulate a plan to maximise account acquisition, growth and profitability.

Sales messaging

We work with your sales team to develop distinctive value propositions and sales messages and fine-tune their approach to prospect for and convert new accounts.

How we work

We work with you, taking the lead and driving the process, like a team captain and involving you throughout, like a team member. Unlike large consulting firms that do the work for you at huge fees, we do it with you. This approach facilitates pragmatic decisions and relevant, sustainable solutions that have your immediate buy-in.

How we charge

We agree on a project roadmap and a monthly fee before the engagement. The monthly fee is due at the start of each month and is not a retainer or linked to hours. Instead, it is an instalment for achieving the overall outcome. Through ongoing contact and monthly reviews, you are kept up to date on progress and have full control of the process.

How we start

We start with a strategy workshop for small businesses and startups, and for mid-sized companies, we kick off with a marketing review. The outcome of both exercises is a PowerPoint with our findings.

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