Firejuice partners with Qone to develop a marketing plan for Africa expansion

Qone, a leader in aluminium windows and doors, has reached out to Firejuice to develop a marketing plan that builds awareness of its unique offering to Africa’s construction sector.

Considered to be the “manufacturers of the biggest windows and doors in Africa”, Qone offers a range of window and door frames that are both standard and out-sized, while meeting European quality standards. It is positive and optimistic about the building industry in Africa; in particular, with reference to luxury residential developments and premium office parks.

“When we decided to increase our investment in marketing, we asked Firejuice to help us to take a structured approach to doing so. We were attracted to Firejuice’s clear offerings, which include both marketing planning and coaching,” says Matthew Bosch, Founder and Managing Director of Qone. He goes on, “Now we don’t only have a clear roadmap, but also one that we are able to manage ourselves, into the future.”

The current project, which will run over a period of three months, includes the development of a marketing strategy and an activity plan that covers both digital and traditional marketing tools.

Bernard Jansen, Managing Consultant at Firejuice, explains, “Our approach is always to empower the client to eventually handle their own marketing, so we make a point of working with them throughout the process to transfer our skills. Once we know, that a best-practice marketing approach has been instilled in the business, we can be confident that it will reap rich rewards. This is what we hope for Qone ,as it accelerates its Africa business.”

The project between Firejuice and Qone is intended to run until year-end, with the option to extend it to accommodate additional outsourced marketing management support in 2021.