My view is that too many entrepreneurial companies struggle to achieve their potential because of a poor marketing approach. They focus too much on the tactics and the tools, such as “what social media platform should we use” while neglecting the basics such as a clear marketing message.

I’ve been working with senior decisionmaker for many years and have a track record of over one hundred companies- that I have worked with. My clients range from small startups to medium-sized regional groups, all underpinned by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. My career started as a brand manager of various well-known retail brands at a large South African corporate before a short stint as a digital marketing agency general manager. After studying further and completing a mini-thesis in how small/medium-sized companies build their brands, I decided to start my own consulting business.

I have many years experience working with entrepreneurs and executives across Southern Africa to help them see results from an investment in marketing.

I bring a brutally honest approach to my engagements since this allows everyone to establish the key issues and make progress quickly. By working closely with you, I combine my understanding of marketing, with your business knowledge to develop relevant solutions – no matter the industry.

Over the years, I have worked with over a hundred businesses across diverse sectors to help them take a best-practice approach to marketing. The journey continues and I would gladly talk to you about your marketing challenge!