We're a team of marketing consultants that work with small to midsized companies in Southern Africa to help them take a strategic approach to branding, marketing and sales.


Principal Consultant

Bernard is an experienced marketing consultant with significant experience working inside highly entrepreneurial environments.

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Project Manager

Moshoeu is a marketing project manager skilled at implementing a diverse range of projects within tight budgets and timelines.

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Are we a marketing agency?

No, we’re consultants. Our focus is on helping you invest wisely in marketing activities through clear strategy, solid plans and practical implementation support.

Have we worked in your industry?

Probably, since we’ve worked across many, but ultimately our approach applies to all industries since the fundamentals of strategic marketing are the same everywhere: clear target market selection, strong value propositions, sharp messaging, budgeting, planning and tracking. 

Do we have capacity?

Yes, we always have the capacity since our focus is on helping you get the fundamentals in place instead of doing the marketing.

How can we work across brand, marketing and sales?

The complete business development process – or purchase funnel – involves all three components of brand, marketing and sales. It should seamlessly interlink to deliver optimal results, and this is why we prefer to work across the full spectrum of activities.

Do we replace your internal team?

No. If you already have a marketing person or team, we merely support them with strategy, planning and implementation. We partner with them to fast-track output. If you do not have an internal marketing function, we can temporarily act as your outsourced marketing director and marketing manager.