Firejuice works with small and midsized companies across Southern Africa to take a structured approach to business development.

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As a "strategic unit", we've worked with hundreds of businesses to help them launch and improve brands, develop and implement marketing plans and empower sales teams.


Kaitoma Creatives
Yamkela Spengane - Team Lead

Firejuice has been an important member of the team, they are definitely adding value, and their diligence has carried us through tight tasks over the course of the project. For me, I believe they have a lot to offer in the space.

Kikx Clothing

Firejuice helped me structure my ideas for a new clothing brand and held me to launch it cost-effectively. Their practical advice and obvious experience across the full spectrum of marketing activities certainly gave me a headstart.

The Institute for Leadership and Transformation (TILT)
Dr. Jean Cooper - Managing Director

I have contracted Firejuice to provide me with sales and marketing coaching and I am amazed at the immediate difference this has made. They challenged my thinking on various levels and made me realise how integral the marketing process is to the entire business. This was the best investment I could make!

Qone Fenestration
Matthew Bosch - Director

They have revolutionised how we think about marketing our business.

Movit Products Limited – Uganda
Simpson Birungi - Chairman

Firejuice conducted a thorough analysis of our marketing strategy and made a helpful contribution to help us refine our approach to expansion in the region. They went about in a structured manner and presented their findings to our executive team within a relatively short time.

PRIMA Industrial
William Price - Managing Director

Working with Firejuice brings a fresh perspective to building an industrial business brand. Team Firejuice has become a valuable addition to our team as we aim to build on our 80 years of history and grow our international presence as a specialist provider of comminution solutions to the global mining sector.

Frans Meyer - Group CEO

I enjoyed working with Firejuice to review our marketing strategy in light of our business objectives. They added insight to my thinking around the role that a brand plays, especially in a technology business.

Topia Water
Rudi van den Heever - Managing Director

Really enjoyed working with Bernard and his team on defining our marketing strategy. We had a complicated process to follow to dissect the multiple levels and brands we work with, but the process was managed in an easy to understand and effective manner.

Keith McIvor
Entrepreneur - Financial Services

We recruited FireJuice to provide support and guidance to our company marketing structure. FireJuice were great, they understood what we were looking for and were very flexible in accomodating what was an unusual request. Thorough, structured and professional they developed our marketing capabilities significantly in a short time and have left us better off.

Portfolio Pharmaceuticals
Bernie McDowall - Director

It was a pleasure working with team Firejuice to help us rebrand our company and introduce a new product range to the South African market.

Refractory & Metallurgical Solutions
Dennis Brazier - Managing Director

I would recommend Firejuice to any SME out there struggling to find its identity or brand as well as getting a new perspective of what its marketing strategy needs to be.

Jetline Print
John Shalala - Chief Executive Officer

A refreshing approach to marketing strategy.