You have no right to be in business if you don’t offer something special.
If your business is a me-too, then you should close down.
In fact, you will close down.

This is not my opinion. It is how the free market works.
The me-too’s get closed down. No business survives if it offers nothing special; nothing different.

Being different is what business success boils down too.
It is also at the heart of what marketing is about.

Where business is about being different; marketing is about telling customers how you’re different. Ultimately perception counts. Actually it is all that counts. If no one thinks you’re different, then you aren’t.

Simple stuff.

It’s like a nightclub, or a party, where you need to be at a certain age to be allowed in. Some who look very young might be asked to prove their age by showing an ID; a passport to enter.

In business, your passport to enter is called “DIFFERENCE”. If you aren’t different, you can’t come in – or at least, you can sneak in, but you’ll get thrown out pretty quickly. However getting into the party is just half the battle. Having fun is a whole different game.

Let’s be honest it can be pretty boring if you are at a venue with nobody to talk to.

Where DIFFERENCE allows you into the market, it is the nature of that difference that determines how much fun you’ll have.

The easiest way to be different also guarantees the least fun, namely being the cheapest. The guys with the cheapest price don’t last long in a market, or on the dance floor (keeping with the storyline). They tire quickly; head home early. If your only reason for being different is that you are lekker cheap, you won’t last long.

However, if the reason is that you offer better service, greater variety, higher quality, better after-sales, more information, better training, greater reliability…
These are differences that allow you to stay longer and have more fun.

Any marketer worth their salt; any company serious about success knows this and have an answer to the question: what makes us different, besides our price?

The answer can determine how much fun you’ll have.

Image source: Flickr