I often think I should write a blog with this title. I don’t really know why – the idea has just stuck in my head…

So, where to from here?

You see, the answer to all questions lie in the fundamentals; the truth. And the truth about marketing is that it is difficult; it is expensive; it takes time to succeed and, in reality, few businesses do it well. This then brings us to the question where to now?

Should you not do marketing? Should you not even try?

In order to find the answer, we need to ask a different question: how do you grow your business disproportionately to your existing resources? How do you “outgrow” your growth potential? How do you cheat the system, so to speak?

It is a question as old as the hills. You only have so many soldiers – archers, swordsmen, horsemen…. each one can fight a single enemy at a time. But how do you fight 5 or 10 or a hundred at a time using only a handful of soldiers? You use artillery such as a catapult or cannon. The artillery allows you to suddenly become 10 times more effective with the same people. This is what marketing does.

Marketing is the artillery in your business. Yes, it does require a good aim and some training to operate, but the results can be exponential.

Most small and medium sized businesses over rely on their troops, the sales force, to win new business. The result is slow growth. One on one growth. One sales person, talking to one prospect, converting one client at a time. Hard, slow work.

So where to from here then? Big companies have always used marketing to drive sales, but with the onset of the internet it has become possible for smaller companies to also use sophisticated tools. Now you can do marketing too!

From here onwards, it is your choice whether you want to fight your next sales battle in the trenches, or whether you prefer to take a step back, take aim and at least start the fight from a distance. It may just be more effective.