What is your business the best at? What do you do better than the rest? Nothing?

Or is it irrelevant? A question only asked in American motivational videos?

Here’s the thing: marketers get tough questions from owners looking for results, but somehow it never works the other way round. And it should.

The question every owner should answer to their marketing team is exactly this: what are we the best at?

You don’t market something that is like everyone else’s. You can’t. Neither do you brand something that isn’t different. You don’t promote a me-too.

You must stand out at something, and then market that. Otherwise marketing can’t work.

Continue to push your marketer for results. In fact, press them harder – most businesses are actually too soft on Marketing. But keep your end of the bargain. Be the best at something – or get there very quickly.

Marketing is only fluffy when it tries to sell fluff.

NASA is a brand built on a moon landing, not just a rocket launch.

Rise up. Stand out. Market that.