When I started my career in marketing back in 2002 at Robertsons – the same guys that make the spices, – the first thing I was given was a blue book full of charts and tables highlighting the market share performance of the brands I worked on over the most recent two months. Back in the day it was “data driven” marketing with good old fashioned books and pencils.

Yet today it is fashionable to talk about “data driven marketing” because we live in a digital age with fancy technology. Make no mistake, marketing has always been a data science. One of the leading marketing thinkers, Philip Kotler, studied mathematics at Harvard. Remember, marketing is not advertising.

The bottomline is simple: you need to know your numbers when you do marketing. You must know how many people you spoke to today; how many visited your website, today; how many phoned and; how many ended up visiting and buying?

Many business owners complain that marketing don’t work, yet they never track the numbers?

Ultimately your marketing should show results. Better track it.


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