What do you want your marketing person to do? What are your expectations? What must they deliver? What results do you want to see, and how soon?

The answer to all of these are obvious: You want them to deliver sales, and soon!

Off-course, there are 2 issues here:

  1. A marketer can only add value once they understand your customer – which takes time.
  2. A marketer is hardly ever the only person responsible for sales in your business.

So, what now?

My suggestion is that you go into the appointment of a marketer with open eyes and realistic expectations. Understand the pros, and cons.

On the pros side, a good marketer will help you sell more product, more quickly and at higher prices. Sounds good, heh?

But on the cons side, it will take at least 6 months, a marketing budget and excellent teamwork between yourself as the owner / manager, the marketer and your sales team for these results to show.

It is a bit of a catch 22, isn’t it? ¬†Fantastic riches await you when you appoint a marketer, but the road is paved with gravel. It is indeed a gamble!

So how do you make sure that the odds are at least stacked in your favour?

Here’s how:

  • Don’t employ a marketer to save your sales from a nosedive – by this time it is too late.
  • Don’t expect your marketer to sit in their little corner and perform magic. They are not a magician. To be effective they need to work closely with your sales team and get out of the office to accompany them on customer visits.
  • Give your marketer access to the numbers, and demand from them factual analysis in return. Their job is not to make things beautiful. Their job is to analyse how the market interacts with your business and to recommend improvements.
  • Insist on a plan. Marketing is not a fluffy art. It requires a clear plan that shows what activities will be performed and why they matter.
  • Talk to them regularly and (try) to listen to what they have to say. A good marketer will naturally bring a fresh perspective to your business.

Appointing a marketer is like getting married. The divorce rate is high but if you can make it work, it can change your (business) life for the better!