The role of product in your marketing. Of course, you need to be good at what you do in order to turn it into a successful business. This is then the first question when doing marketing: “how good are you really? How good is your product? How good is your service?”

If you are not good, you can do marketing until you go blue in the face, growth will remain elusive. Step one is then to be the real deal. Many businesses are not. They try and promote mediocrity and end up blaming everyone but themselves for failure. The sales guy is poor; the marketer a failure…

But actually, your product is the problem!

How good are you at what you do?
That question should haunt everyone in a free market economy on a daily basis.

How do you become good? In fact, how do you become exceptional? By doing the same thing day in and day out. Repeatedly. How does the saying go? Practice makes perfect. Essentially it again comes down to focus.

Traditionally marketing has 4 Ps, the first being “Product”. Your product needs to be good, or your marketing will fail.

As a small business your aim should not only be to focus on a customer, but also on a product. What we tend to forget, because it is not a spectator sport, is just how good the world’s biggest companies are at what they do. Uber is unbelievably good at getting people from A to B in the most efficient manner. Amazon is fantastically good at bringing the storefront to your doorstep. Volkswagen at building cars. The product is exceptional!

This is level 1 of marketing. It drives your sales process. You need to have a fantastic product! Then the rest will fall in place.

Do you sell a fantastic service; a wonderful product? If not, it’s time to actively work on improving it. Practice makes perfect!