The myth of social media

This link points to a very good article highlighting the findings of a recent Gallup pole that social media is over rated as a business tool.  The article confirms that social media is primarily, well, just that, a tool for social interaction and useful for friends to connect and brands that are at their very nature social, such as Red Bull.

I find in my own work with many small businesses that a state of confusion, if not panic, exist around social media. I have identified three types of businesses with a poor approach to social media:

  1. Business that are not on social media and take no interest in it.
  2. Businesses that are on social media, but take no real ownership of it. These businesses outsource social media to a third party and take little interest in what is being communicated.
  3. Businesses that are overly active on social media, spending unnecessary resource on the medium with little understanding of the return on investment.

Ultimately, whatever type of business you are, the right way of approaching social media in my view is to have a social media strategy. Based on the strategy, you then determine the level of participation that you will engage in and what the results of this should be.

Whatever your social media engagement is, do yourself a favor, and do not jump on the bandwagon of hype surrounding the medium. You may well not need a Facebook page!