Marketing won’t work for my business. It does not work.

I spend money on marketing, but it is a waste.

My business is too small to do marketing. I’ll do it when I am bigger.

My kind of customer doesn’t look at marketing. They just want the facts.

My sales depend on my personal network. There is nothing else I can do to grow.

Marketing is too expensive. I can’t afford it now.

My view?
You are right. You don’t need to do it.

Rather, just do this…

  1. Know exactly who you want to sell to,
  2. Be very clear on why they should choose you, and not someone else,
  3. Know exactly where to find them,
  4. Have a powerful story to tell them that makes them listen,
  5. Tell your story convincingly, consistently and continuously.

I call this marketing. But you don’t have to.
How does that slogan go? Just do it.