The most important marketing lesson I’ve learnt in the last year? The importance of “focus” – absolute, total focus. Interestingly it is not about focusing on what you sell, because you should sell whatever makes money. But rather focusing on what you say you sell, in short, your marketing message.

Your business, no matter how many things it sells should be known for one thing. One thing that a potential customer must know and remember about it. A single benefit statement or point of difference. As I write this I am boarding a flight to Durban on Fly Safair, apparently South Africa’s most on time airline. A single message to remember…

The logic is simple: no matter who you’re talking to, or in which market you are playing, your prospect gets bombarded with communication on a daily basis and your job is to do whatever you can to be remembered amongst all the noise. The way to do this is to keep things simple.

This goes for any businesses of any size. Marketing cannot be successful if it is not focused on telling the world a single message. Yet, despite how simple this concept of focus is, it is something businesses struggle with. They hate saying only one thing because it is tough distilling everything they do into a single message. They also worry that if they say one thing only it could be the wrong thing, meaning marketing investment goes to waste.

So, as a business owner, how do you overcome the uncertainty and fear of committing to a single message? The answer is to choose a message based on what you know about your business, and your prospective customer, and then promote it aggressively and track the results over a defined period to test if it works. If yes, then double your investment behind that message. If it doesn’t, choose another. This is a disciplined approach that requires active tracking, either within the business by someone assigned a marketing role, or an outside consultant or agency.

But why even go through all this effort of developing a marketing message? The answer lies in the potential benefits a successful marketing campaign can bring. It allows you to build brand recognition in the market which is attached to your single message. This in turn spurns interest amongst potential customers and generates inquiries which paves the way for a far smoother sales process. In short, it makes your sales process much easier!

Ask yourself: what is the one thing your business is telling the market today?

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