I often get business owners expressing a great deal of scepticism about marketing. They talk about marketing as if it is a kindergarten activity that they reluctantly engage with. It is – to use a classic marketing term – a grudge purchase.

I often hear:


“We don’t really believe in marketing”


Or the classic assumption that marketing is completely removed from the commercial realities of the business.

Indeed, truth is that this is exactly the type of marketing most businesses practice, so no wonder their perception is so ambivalent. But it does not have to be the case.


Marketing can be – it should be – grounded in the fundamentals of your business. It is then that it will make a fundamental difference to your bottom line. Because, you see, the difference between an average company and a great company is never the operational stuff, the nuts and bolts “tangible” stuff. Rather, the difference is almost always in how well it markets itself. Marketing, becomes the difference between good, and great.


  • Apple is no better than Samsung, apart from how it markets itself.
  • The difference between a Mercedes and a Hyundai, is the brand.
  • The difference between a German machine and a Chinese machine is often only perception.


How ironic that you can only truly become a great business if you embrace the one thing you are most sceptical of: Marketing.