Take responsibility of social media

I am seeing this a lot: a business would outsource its social media to a digital agency and keep a hands off approach. The agency, in an honest attempt to keep the client happy, will ensure that regular updates are posted but often this content was generated without the active involvement of the client. It plays like a stuck record: The client is too busy to get involved in the content. The agency would say things like: “They leave it up to us” or “We always ask the client to send us content, but they never do”. The result is that the agency is forced to come up with content all on its own – and this is not ideal.

The single most important thing that I am realizing about digital marketing is that it requires “realness”. If what you broadcast is interesting, personal, authentic and…packed with realness, then people will take note. On the other hand, if it is just “stuff” being posted, then it borders on noise and gets you very little return on investment.

So here is my suggestion: If you spend money on a digital marketing campaign, make sure your business is involved in selecting the content. Make sure that every week or month, you send stuff to the agency about what you, personally, want to tell your followers. The agency will then take your news and craft it to make sure the impact is maximized.

Leaving it up to the agency to do everything from selecting to editing to broadcasting is not only expensive, but also lacks realness.

The secret then: You must decide what you want to say to your audience. The social media agency must find a way of broadcasting your content in the most effective way possible.

Don’t just make a noise. Be real. Take ownership of what your business posts on social media.