SMEs should embrace digital marketing

I see this a lot. Small and mid-sized companies with websites that don’t do anything for their business. In fact, I am wrong – it does do something. It hurts their businesses. The cliché is true: Your website is your digital store-front. Surely if your store-front looks mediocre, your business looks mediocre?

This post has a simple message: Get off the web if you don’t see it as having a direct benefit to your bottom-line.

Digital marketing is less about marketing and more about digital. And the word digital has its roots in the word digit. Numbers!

If you cannot measure the benefit of your online presence, you are either doing it wrong, or you shouldn’t be doing it.

You shouldn’t have a website if it doesn’t help your bottom-line. 

There are lots of companies making money from hosting and selling websites. There are hundreds of businesses that pay a monthly fee to a service provider for hosting their website. But so many of these same businesses don’t care about their website and don’t want to spend a cent on improving it. Why? Because they don’t want to waste money. Yet they continue to just pay the monthly hosting fee. Spot the irony: they are wasting money!

If you do not want to waste money, stop paying a monthly hosting fee. Cancel your website!

I recently sat in a meeting with a mid-sized engineering company who wants to spend a bit of money on their 5-year old website. I could hear from the way they talk they see this as an absolute grudge purchase…something you do because this is 2014 and you just have to do it. So I asked them: Why do you have a website? Their answer: Because having a website shows that they are a big business.

This is nonsense. Who wants to be big? You want to be profitable! And your website should have a direct impact on your profit – otherwise, cancel it. Take it off air.

No business should just have a website. Take the time to make it something worthwhile. Embrace the “digital” part of marketing and make a point to start measuring the impact your website has on the numbers. If you can’t do this, it is time to take a very serious look at why you are on the net.

The internet is not a charitable expense. It is an investment in your business.

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