Your geyser leaks, you get a plumber to fix it. Your DSTV reception deteriorates, you get a technician to fix that. Your car breaks down, you take it to the mechanic for fixing.

Even at work, it goes like that. The HR person “fixes” your people issues, your secretary “fixes” your diary-and-phone-ringing problem, your accountant “fixes” (in a good way) your bad books.

Before long all your problems have disappeared. Someone came and fixed it whilst you kept a comfy distance.

And so, one day, you have a sales problem and, sticking to the same logic, you want someone to fix that too. You phone a marketing agency.

Suddenly you are spending money with them… and waiting …….and hoping… that the problem…. will go away…

And nothing happens.

You fire the agency and try someone else. Luckily they follow a different approach: less social media, more Google AdWords. Fewer magazines, more street pole ads. Surely this time….

And you wait….and again nothing happens. Your sales problem is still there.

Now you’re getting desperate. Maybe you need to employ a marketing person full-time. Someone with big corporate experience. Surely they have the secret to making companies explode with growth?

So let me interrupt you. Don’t do it.

Employing someone will probably not save you, but sink you, starting with that huge salary they’ll demand. Another round of marketing agencies will also not do it. Mostly they are all just guessing.

Truly, the only person that can make your problem disappear is you, the business owner.

You see, a sales problem is indicative of another type of problem: a relationship problem. If you and the customer don’t see eye-to-eye, the issue reflects as poor sales. Simple as that. And like any relationship that has gone a bit cold, the way to fix it is primarily for you to personally get involved. You, as the business owner, need to get in front of that customer, leave your sales pitch behind and listen to what they are telling you so that you can fundamentally realign your business around their needs. Only this will ultimately sort out your sales problem.

Only once you have fixed your fundamental issue should you call the marketing agency to help you tell a new story. Until then it is largely in your hands.

There are only two people that can fix your sales problem. You, and the customer. The rest, is a side-show.