I focus on the following three areas:

marketing consulting to entrepreneurs

Marketing strategy

Ah, that word “strategy” – what does it even mean?

We live in a world obsessed with the latest marketing tools and tricks. “You must change your logo, build a new website, spend more on social media or re-do that brochure” is common advice being given. But there is a problem: none of this takes into account the unique situation of your business or your customers!

Marketing strategy is about taking a holistic view of the challenges at hand before deciding on the marketing tools to use. What are your business objectives? Who is your customer? Who do you compete against and what sets you apart? How do we make sure you communicate effectively with your target customers and how do you measure success?

This is marketing strategy. It does not have to be lengthy or complicated. In fact, the shorter and simpler, the better. Ultimately a marketing strategy should provide a clear plan on what needs to be done to successfully reach your market and grow your business.

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Brand development

The truth is you don’t just develop a brand overnight. It takes time. But there are a few building blocks to a brand, and this is what brand development is about. You need to know what sets the brand apart and what story it will tell the market. Volvo is known as the safest car on the market – that is what sets it apart. Google tells us a story about how cool it is to have all the world’s information at our fingertips.

Not only does a brand need to differentiate and tell a story. It also needs to visually stand out through a logo, colours and marketing material.

This is what brand development is about. It is about being clear on what sets the brand apart, what story it should tell through marketing activities and what it will look like. Ultimately all companies and products need a carefully developed brand to ensure effective marketing.


Implementation support

I’ve lost track of how many websites take too long to complete, make no sense when you read the detail, or just generally how bad some marketing material appears. There is a simple rule out there: the best businesses look the best.

Producing great looking, well written and impactful marketing material, whether on paper or digitally, requires, well, a production process. It doesn’t just happen. You need to find the right providers. You need to clearly tell them what your expectations are. You need to be actively involved throughout the creative process. This is where implementation support comes in.

Implementation support is just a fancy name for project management. But in the marketing industry there are specific tools to ensure projects are managed effectively. It is called a brief and a revert. The problem is most business owners don’t know how to brief providers and are too busy to give detailed reverts. This is where it helps to have someone who knows how to manage a marketing project to help push it through to completion.