Marketing workshop

Marketing Reviews

A review of your marketing activity with a report highlighting key issues.

Our views are independent since we are not a marketing agency, but a consultancy. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of businesses, giving us a unique ability to identify gaps and recommend improvements that will have a tangible impact on the business.

A review typically starts with a workshop in which we explore the business objectives, recent marketing activities and key strengths and weaknesses. We then review additional materials, if required, before providing our findings.

Price of a review starts at ZAR 10,000 for a small business.

Strategic Marketing Plans

A marketing plan for your company to ensure you communicate the right message to your target market, effectively.

We have developed such plans for many different businesses and brands, utilising the full spectrum of digital and traditional marketing tools available to drive awareness.

We kickstart the process with a workshop to set clear goals and develop a high-level action plan, which is often good enough for smaller businesses to start implementing immediately. For larger companies, we conduct additional workshops and research, as required.

Price of a plan starts at ZAR 15,000 for a small business.

Brand Development

We help you conceptualise a new brand or improve a current brand through clever strategy and implementation. 

We have extensive experience working across many different industries, taking a “best practice” approach to brand strategy and brand management, ensuring clear brand identities underpinned by strong value propositions.

Our involvement is as your outsourced Brand Strategist and Brand Manager as we work with you on a month to month basis until the brand project is completed and you feel confident to take over from us.

Fee starts at ZAR 10,000 / month and typically lasts for six months.

Outsourced Marketing Department

We act as your outsourced Marketing Department, implementing your marketing using your existing suppliers, or our trusted network, with regular reporting on results. 

Over the years, we have worked on hundreds of projects, including various digital and traditional marketing campaigns, new product development, recruiting internal marketing teams, launching brands and just generally helping companies improve their marketing.

We follow a best practice approach, ensuring suppliers are correctly briefed and held accountable, making sure high quality, impactful work is delivered. We keep a close eye on quality, timings and costs to ensure a successful business outcome.

Our involvement takes place on a month to month basis and includes a monthly marketing meeting in which we report on progress and results.

Fee starts at ZAR 20,000 / month.

Marketing Advice and Coaching

We give strategic marketing advice to Entrepreneurs and Executives and provide coaching and support to internal marketing teams.

Over the years, we have worked across many different industries, from fast-paced technology startups to long-standing industrial businesses, helping senior managers and in-house teams as they pursue more efficient growth.

We offer this service on a month to month basis and follow an established advisory and coaching process to provide useful assistance.

Fee starts at ZAR 7,000 / month.