An illustration of a man thinking ahead as an example of Firejuice conducting a marketing plan

Strategic marketing plans for companies

We develop a strategic marketing plan for your company, business unit or brands.

What we do

We develop a strategic marketing plan for your company, business unit or brands to help them do better marketing that supports business goals and sales targets. Our projects incorporate both digital and traditional marketing.

Industries we work in

We deliberately don’t focus on specific industries. Our experience stretches across Business to Consumer (B2C), and Business to Business (B2B) markets and in many different sectors, including Engineering, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Technology, and Consumer Goods.

We take a foundational approach to marketing that allows us to ensure the important basis are covered, no matter the industry.

Our approach

We follow a collaborative approach, working closely with you and your team to develop a strategic marketing plan. By combining the knowledge of your team, with our foundational marketing skills and broad experience, we can create a plan that is rooted in the reality of your industry and able to deliver results. The format of our plans are usually an MS Word document.


We typically work with the business over a 2 month period.


Depending on the size and complexity of the business we typically charge between R20,000 and R60,000 for a strategic marketing plan. We keep you informed of our progress throughout, giving you full control to stop the project, and not pay the full fee, if you feel it is not meeting with your expectations. Firejuice is not VAT registered.


Send us an email for more information or to book an initial free consultation.