Sales vs. Marketing

There is no such thing as Sales vs. Marketing. There is just one thing: getting your product out the door, and into the hands of the customer. Call it whatever you like – point is, you need to bridge the gap between your company and your customer. 

As with anything, the best way to achieve results is to start wide and get progressively more focused. The beginning “wide” part is where Marketing ​Communications (commonly referred to simply as marketing) plays a significant part. Later, as prospective customers become aware of you and start to inquire do the Sales process become more pronounced. Now it is about one on one contact!

Entrepreneurs neglect marketing for sales

Entrepreneurs neglect marketing and focus too much on sales. The reasons for this are understandable: ultimately there is nothing a new business needs more than sales. Investing in sales related activities simply feel more cost-efficient than fluffy marketing communications. But there is a catch: sales activities are fundamentally inefficient.

Phoning prospects one by one is painstaking and the inevitable meeting that follows can be hugely unproductive and time-consuming. Also, you are only able to conduct sales activity when it suits you – when you are awake and have space in your diary.

Interestingly, marketing is just the opposite. Where Sales is time intensive, marketing is money intensive. Where Sales is one on one, marketing aims wide. marketing can be done even when you are in bed sleeping where sales require you to take action.

Like salt and pepper

For your revenue engine to run at full steam you need both Sales and Marketing. You can’t simply rely on one or the other. You need Marketing (wide) and Sales (narrow). This powerful interconnection is what many small and medium-sized companies miss.

The trick is to let sales and marketing play off each other – or learn from each other – to form a better revenue engine. The sales team is often the closest to the customer and need to use this position to gather insights that can be ploughed back into marketing campaigns that in turn deliver new leads for the sales team. This is the motions of an engine that should deliver forward momentum in the shape of revenue growth,

So, the question isn’t whether you believe in Marketing, or in Sales. You need to believe in the most efficient process to get your goods out the​ door. This involves both ​M​arketing ​Communications ​and ​S​ales. Salt and pepper.

The question isn’t should you do M​arketing, or should you do ​S​ales.​; whether you believe in one, or the other. There’s no “choice” here. You need both to efficiently move the needle up your income dial.