Sales vs. Marketing

There is no such thing as Sales vs. Marketing. There is just one thing: how to get your product, or service, out the door and into the hands of the customer. You can call this process whatever you want: Sales. Marketing. Business D​evelopment. Point is, you need to get your message across and get your prospects to order the goods​. ​

As with anything, the above process should start broad and get more focused as it progresses. The beginning “wide” part is where M​arketing ​C​ommunications comes in and aims to ​sell​ your story to as wide an audience as possible. The later, narrow, part is where you focus on individuals that show interest on a one on one basis​ – usually referred to as “​S​ales”.  Some also refer to “​B​usiness ​D​evelopment” as a third category, which could either be a combination of the overall “​M​arketing and ​S​ales process” or be seen as a middle section, in between ​M​arketing ​Communication and ​S​ales involv​ing​ one​-o​​n​​-​one networking with prospects.

Whatever the “lingo” – there is a process to move something from your offices, to the customer’s​ ​- ​whether it is a product or service. By focusing only on one end of the process – either the ​M​arketing ​Communication ​part, or the ​S​ales part, you are essentially inefficient. You need to go both wide, and narrow. Both Marketing, and Sales.

But why do so many E​ntrepreneurs neglect this? From my experience there are two camps: One camp neglects “M​arketing”, the other neglects “​S​ales”. Very few do both. partly because each side holds such distinct appeal. The appeal to Marketing is that you can sit on your couch and watch TV whilst your ​website or brochures does the hard work for you. The appeal with Sales is that a direct approach offers the most measurable return on investment. But you need two to tango. Marketing (wide) and Sales (narrow). You can​’​t just do one, or the other and expect real business growth.

So, the question isn’t whether you believe in Marketing, or in Sales. You need to believe in the most efficient process to get your goods out the​ door. This involves both ​M​arketing ​Communications ​and ​S​ales. Salt and pepper.

The question isn’t should you do M​arketing, or should you do ​S​ales.​; whether you believe in one, or the other. There’s no “choice” here. You need both to efficiently move the needle up your income dial.