The number 1 trick in Sales, is Marketing.

The number 1 trick in Marketing, is Branding.

Sales become easier with Marketing, which becomes easier with Branding.

Branding is about what sets you apart. Difference. Uniqueness. Why us? Why not them?

If you are not different, even remotely, then you are a commodity. Commodities are traded on price and availability. Margin is predetermined by the customer. They play you up against the other guys until you are forced to scrape the barrel – like everyone else.

The business that has defined its brand can go against the grain. It can raise its prices and dictate its terms – ever so slightly. Because it is different, it can’t be compared – not exactly. No “apples with apples” card on the table, so the customer can’t play it. Advantage shifts.

These are the rules of the sales and marketing jungle. It comes close to being the very essence of business. Maybe business is all about sales and marketing? Although without a good product, solid administration and efficient logistics, there is no business.

But the brand is the gold dust. The secret spice. It gives you wiggle room; space to breathe. Even if your difference is not real, but only perceived to be so by the customer, that’s still good enough. After all, customer perception is reality!