The stuff that works

If you ask someone to build you a website, what type of website do you think they will want to build you? A cheap one, or an expensive one? And if you ask them to do social media for you, do you think they are going to want to do it at the lowest, or highest price?

If you tell a marketer what to do, they will try and do it for as much money as possible. And they should, because you’ve asked for it, now you can pay for it.

This is what happens when marketing is focused on doing “stuff”, rather than finding solutions. There are many people out there willing to help you do marketing stuff, and they will all, quite rightly so, try and make as much money from it as possible.

It’s different when you ask for solutions. Solutions are not primarily driven by price, but by outcomes. A solution can be cheap or expensive, as long as it works.

It is a pity that so many of the interactions between business owners and marketers are focused on stuff, rather than solutions. This is candy-floss marketing, and usually ends up in a “stuff-up”. It ends up being too expensive, takes too long, doesn’t work or looks terrible. Sound familiar?

So how do you move beyond a focus on doing stuff to doing what really matters, which is solving business problems through marketing?

The answer is to leave the templates behind – the ready made answers; the fixed approaches and preconceived ideas and decide to start your next marketing discussion with a clean sheet. Don’t ask for anything – just identify the problem, and ask for a solution. Together with the marketer, start with the basics, such as: who is my customer, what do they want from me, what do I want from them, who else are we up against, and how do I set myself apart? This is the stuff that works.

Is it maybe time for you to take a fresh approach to how you market your business?