RMS is a manufacturer and distributor of refractory materials for the metallurgical industry worldwide. The company is based in Vereeniging and can trace its origins back to the start of the mining boom in South Africa. The company reached out to Firejuice to help it develop a strategic marketing plan to support its goal of expanding into higher-end products and related services.

What we did

We spent time at the company’s facilities and interviewed its manages to get a solid understanding of the rich history and current challenges. We then prepared a marketing plan and refined it with the executive team over numerous rounds of discussion and iterations. The plan summarised a distinctive, future-focused brand position and marketing message for RMS to support its ambitious growth objectives. We concluded by assisting with kickstarting certain key aspects of the marketing plan, including the development of a marketing campaign targeting key accounts.c


The entire business was aligned behind a clear plan to drive marketing communications into the future. In the process, the business has made a major shift towards being more confident about its value proposition and how to effectively communicate it internally, to staff, and external partners and customers.


We engaged Firejuice to assist and guide us to reformulate and define our marketing strategy. The approach taken was open and structured, but involved as many of the key people in our business. Bernard’s inquisitive nature and looking at our business through the eyes of what a customer perceives, drove us to question our current thinking. What we perceived as a great brand was questioned and through Firejuice we refined this approach to really enhance and make the brand meaningful. The values of Firejuice resonated with us and we have seen the journey as a partnership which will continue into the future. Firejuice is highly recommended for SME’s out there that needs a seasoned marketing expert, an expert that will have your company’s interests at heart.

– Dennis Brazier, Managing Director