HQ&CO is a manufacturer of premium acoustic screens and demountable walling solutions focused on high-end commercial offices. We were asked by the owner to review the company’s marketing and propose a strategy to support its ambitious expansion plans.

What we did

Following our analysis, we implemented a marketing and sales plan by Key Account.

  • Large architectural firms in the Johannesburg and Cape Town were identified, researched and targeted,
  • An integrated marketing campaign was established using Google Ads, website updates and industry events,
  • A sales and marketing representative was recruited and trained,
  • A new product line was introduced, aimed at a gap in the market.


Following our involvement new relationships with key prospects were established and an internal marketing and sales team was in place, actively prospecting key accounts.

Firejuice guided us through a process to refine our marketing and become much more deliberate in how we attack opportunities. Through their honest advice and hard work our business is in a much better place. Jason Stevens, Owner