We were asked to help develop a clear brand position for BEESA and assist with its roll-out, first internally among employees, and then externally through how the company markets itself.

What we did

  1. We undertook a number of in-depth interviews with the Managing Director to clarify his vision for the company.
  2. We then prepare a set of brand guidelines that formalised what the company brand stands for and how it should present itself to the market.
  3. Finally we facilitated a process of updating the company logo, corporate colours and marketing material to reflect the new brand position. During this phase we worked with a third party graphic designer and web developer.


A clear brand position was established reflecting the high performance culture of the company and the positive difference it aims to make to its clients, and the country. This was symbolised visually through the introduction of a triangle in the logo symbolising the Greek letter DELTA, which means difference (or change), and the colour orange, symbolising energy and warmth. The new identity was subsequently rolled out across the company website, sales material and social media pages.