We were asked to formulate a marketing strategy for Supertec to support the company as it was expanding rapidly. The brand needed to reflect the success of the business and support the roll-out of new branches.

What we did

We held a series of workshops with the Supertec team understand its product offering, company culture, key customers and competitors. We then developed a brand strategy that captured the ambitious aspirations of the business. We then worked assessed the marketing needs of the company and developed a communications plan to drive brand awareness. We concluded the project by training an internal marketing person to manage marketing activities on an ongoing basis.


Supertec has continued its rapid growth and has opened another three branches since our involvement and with many premium customers for ts ceiling and partitioning boards.


I would like to thank Bernard and his team for all the help over the past several months. It has been a great pleasure to work with them and our business found great value in their contribution.

Whilst the brief was essentially to give us guidance on developing our brand identity and to educate us on the marketing components of our business, which they did very successfully. We are also extremely appreciative of the other contributions they offered such as general advice. It is quite valuable to a business to have to educate an outsider because it forces one to rethink one’s strategy and focus on certain key elements of one’s business in order to achieve the required growth.

Suffice it to say we feel Bernard has done an excellent job for Supertec and we feel a sense of loss in not having him on our team anymore. We are very comfortable in saying that Firejuice would be a great investment for his future customers and we are confident we will be calling on their services again in the future.