We were asked by the Managing Director of Addison Advisory, a startup financial services firm, to help with the development of a brand for the company.

What we did

We engaged in a structured interview process with Guy Addison, Managing Director and founder of the company, to gain an understanding of the company vision, values, product offering and target market. We then wrote a detailed design brief and conducted a brand briefing workshop with Guy and a top freelance graphic designer whom we partnered with. Once the design process started we stayed in close contact with both client and designer to facilitate the process.


Over a relatively short period of 2 weeks a full brand identity was developed for Addison Advisory that required only minor tweaks before approval. The company is now in the process of gradually rolling out its branding, but the foundation for a professional, unique look has been established.


I unreservedly recommend Bernard and his company Firejuice to business owners (big or small) looking to grow through better Marketing. – Guy Addison, Director