BlueMagnet is a digital marketing consultancy who performs technical audits and training for high performing online retailers. The company wanted to take things to the next level by attracting even larger clients and asked Firejuice to assist.

What we did

We held a series of workshops with the owners to formalise the company vision and values and define the target customers. We then engaged with employees through an online questionnaire to understand the company culture. We also looked at how competitors position themselves on their websites. Using all this information, we crafted a market position for BlueMagnet, which we then brought to life in the form of a new corporate identity in partnership with a freelance designer. We concluded the project by developing a marketing plan to introduce BlueMagnet to more prestigious clients.


BlueMagnet has established itself as a market leader in digital marketing training and consulting services.


Firejuice helped us to clarify our business vision and translate it visually into a modern logo that captures the digital nature of our company and our ambition to set the highest standard in our field of Digital Marketing & Training. BlueMagnet is a stronger business, thanks to the real interest and hard work that Firejuice put in. They are the real deal when you need help in boosting your company image.