Marketing Consultants to Grow Your Business

Temporary Marketing Expertise to help Small and Medium Sized Companies do better Marketing.

The Business Marketing Consultant Team at Firejuice
Team Firejuice
We’re strategic marketing consultants that help Small and Medium-sized companies do better marketing.

Focus areas:

  • Strategic reviews of your marketing activity to identify problems,
  • Developing marketing strategies and plans to ensure results,
  • Managing marketing projects to ensure they happen on time and budget,
  • Training your team to build marketing capability inside your business.

Not another marketing agency

There are enough marketing agencies out there. They are great at doing marketing, but what many business owners lack is someone to help them think through their marketing investment, select the best tools and make sure everything is executed brilliantly.

This is where we come in.

Firejuice is not a marketing agency, but a consultancy. We work directly with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Executive Teams to help them do better marketing that shows results.

``Firejuice is like chilli essence for your business``

Business owner

A focus on the fundamentals

We’ve done work across Traditional and Digital marketing and within Consumer (B2C) and Business (B2B) markets. Our approach remains fundamentally the same no matter the industry we work in: first, understand the business, then develop a strategic marketing plan, execute it brilliantly and empower the client to manage it themselves.

Fixed fees, so we can get on with the job

We work on a monthly fixed fee basis meaning you are able to budget ahead. Our fees range from R7,000 to R20,000 per month depending on the scope. Since we work exclusively with small and medium-sized companies we are focused on adding immediate value.

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