If you sell to consumers, your number one marketing job is to create awareness. They need to know about you, before they’ll try you. The same is not true in business marketing.

The fact that other businesses know about your business hardly makes a dent. Businesses are reluctant to “try” other suppliers. Rather, they want a high degree of certainty that things won’t go wrong! One of the biggest components to providing this certainty is the brand.

It is the business brand that represents everything that your company stands for, from its name to its track record, image and credibility. Quite simply, a company trades on its brand name.

But what happens if your business is still new and you don’t have a “business brand”. This is when you, the owner, become the brand! Your name and face is a proxy for the business brand. People will work with your company because they know you, and trust you. This is why networking is so important in business marketing. You are essentially building the brand.

Unless you are a company with a significant history, your company brand is most likely you, the owner. The trust lies with you.

What does all of this mean?

Any young company serving business customers must start to develop a business brand from day one, whilst its senior managers must simultaneously invest in networking. In fact, without a solid network, you’ll struggle to build the business!

Over time your own presence in supporting the company brand will become less and the name of the business itself, its culture, history and “image”, will become the main driver of new business.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking when you start a business. And don’t postpone building the brand – you may one day need it.