Marketing Strategy Development

We help Medium / Mid-sized companies develop a marketing strategy that supports the commercial goals.

Puzzle pieces reflecting the process of developing a marketing strategy

Your business needs a marketing strategy otherwise the money you spend on marketing will go to waste. The problem is that most business owners take a sceptical, half-baked approach to marketing which means that it never really meets with their expectations. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy: “…we don’t believe in marketing….but we will try it…oops! it doesn’t work…as we expected!”

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy should tie in with your business strategy and provide clarity on where you must focus your marketing activity for maximum impact. It should not be a thick document with lots of writing, but something that can be used on a daily basis to guide all business development activities.

Ultimately we believe a marketing strategy is essential to the success of your marketing. Our approach is pragmatic and focused on quickly identifying how to differentiate your offering and successfully communicating it to customers.

A long term partnership

At Firejuice we don’t just develop the marketing strategy but prefer to help implement and refine it over a period of time to ensure optimum results are achieved.

It is our view that a marketing strategy isn’t simply something that one can develop once off and then leave it with the client. Rather, we walk a path with the business to help it test and refine the strategy and ensure it is successfully implemented across the business.

Our approach

  1. Work directly with the Business Owner / Executive to develop and implement a marketing strategy,
  2. Involvement over at least 6 months since this allows us to refine and implement the strategy and achieve optimal results,
  3. A monthly fixed fee so everyone can focus on the work and not count hours.

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Why Firejuice?

  • No-nonsense advice
  • Best practice approach
  • Independent and objective
  • Hands-on and collaborative
  • Focused on the Entrepreneur

We work closely with senior managers inside your company, combineing their technical skills with our marketing knowledge to develop a strategy.

The Business Marketing Consultant Team at Firejuice
Team Firejuice

About Bernard

Bernard is a marketing consultant focused on helping Small, Medium and Mid-sized companies do better marketing. He has worked with over a hundred companies across Engineering, Technology, Services, Pharma and Consumer Goods to help them develop practical plans that deliver tangible results.

About Moshoeu

Moshoeu works closely with Bernard to bring a highly organised, digitally minded perspective to marketing projects. Her experience in helping our clients implement marketing activities allows her to add a practical perspective to any strategy workshop.

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