marketing projects

Brand development

We work with you to define the unique story of your business / product and formulate a clear brand proposition with marketing message that will interests customers and drive sales. We also help with logo development and new marketing material, if required.

Marketing strategy

We develop a marketing strategy for your business with an action plan and budget to give a clear indication of how marketing activity can support business growth. Our goal is to ensure your marketing expenses are an investment that shows results.

Marketing projects

We take care of a marketing project on your behalf to make sure it is implemented professionally. Whether it is the writing of a brochure, a new website, getting your social media off the ground or related activities, we will ensure it happens on time and within budget. We either use your preferred suppliers or our own network of partners.

marketing management

Outsourced marketing management:

We work with you as the business owner / executive to review your marketing activity on an ongoing basis and fine-tune your approach. The result is improved return on investment on your marketing spend.

From R7 000 / month.

We partner with your internal marketing person / team to support their efforts, enhance their marketing skills and fast-track the benefits of marketing to your business. We are in constant contact with your team and provide you, as the owner / executive, with regular updates on progress.

From R15 000 / month.

We take complete care of the marketing management of your business on your behalf. We draw up a marketing plan for your approval, set a marketing budget with targets and implement the plan. We stay in constant contact with you and work closely with your team and outside partners.  Our approach is transparent and allows you to take over the management of your marketing at any moment.

From R20 000 / month.