A strategic review of your marketing with recommendations

We do a full circle review of your current marketing, including the brands in play and the digital and traditional marketing activities you conduct and how it all ties in with business objectives. We then present you with our findings and provide recommendations for improvement.

How it works

  • We interview the key people in the business to get a better understanding of the business strategy, growth targets and marketing challenges,
  • We review all your branded material and marketing activity as well as a selection of competitors and customers
  • Based on the above we identify any potential gaps and develop a set of recommendations

What is the output?

We deliver our findings in the form of a PowerPoint. Following our presentation you can either implement our recommendations yourself or work with us to implement it.

Typically our reviews include the following:

  • A SWOT analysis of the business,
  • A review of the brands at play, and how they are positioned,
  • A review of the market and key trends shaping the industry,
  • A review of key customers and competitors,
  • A review of all marketing material and messaging,
  • Our findings,
  • Our recommendations.


We aim to have our findings ready within 2 weeks.


From R20 000 per review.


Send us an email for more information.