marketing strategy

A strategic review of your marketing with recommendations

We review your current branding and marketing activity and present you with our findings and recommendations for improvement.

How it works

We interview the key people in your company to get a better understanding of the marketing challenges. We then review your branding and marketing activity (both digital and traditional) and present you with our findings in terms of areas for improvement.

What you get?

We deliver our findings in the form of a PowerPoint that typically covers the following:

  • A review of the brand and how it is positioned vs. the competition,
  • An analysis of the marketing message,
  • Benchmarking the current digital and traditional marketing activity against the competition,
  • Our findings and recommendations


We aim to have our findings ready within 2 weeks.


We charge a standard fee of R20 000 to conduct a marketing review. We charge 50% upfront on commencement, and the final R10,000 is only payable if you are delighted with the outcome. Firejuice is not VAT registered.


Send us an email for more information.