Here’s a critical marketing question for any business owner: where do you want to be by end November? Give or take a few days, that’s 3 months away.

What can you do between now and then that will fundamentally improve sales or grow brand image?

Here are a few marketing ideas based on my experience inside entrepreneurial companies:

  • Improve your website with fresh case studies and new testimonials.
  • Review all your social media platforms critically — are they up-to-date and adding value?
  • Review your sales material — the brochure, company profile, PowerPoint and business card. Are they reflective of the business you are trying to build?
  • Read through your website, end-to-end, and ask yourself if the flow is logical for prospective clients.
  • Review the pricing policy — are you encouraging trial usage sufficiently? Are you adequately differentiated from the opposition through premium (not discount) pricing.

In addition to reviewing existing marketing assets, why not run a marketing experiment between now and year end?

Here’s the reality: marketing tactics — the marketing tools you use — have become too complex and fast changing for anyone to know every trick in the book. The only way is to keep trying out new things.

Here are some experiments I can suggest:

  • Phone 3 marketing companies and ask them to present their services to you. Ask them how they will go about marketing your business.
  • Spend some money to promote your business on social media — see if it has an effect on generating leads.
  • Quit spending money on that trade magazine you have always supported and see if it has a negative affect.

We’re heading into the home straight of 2016. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo.

Be deliberate in how you tackle the next 3 months. Let’s go!