Few entrepreneurs want to do marketing. All you really want to do is make the sale. Or rather, make the product and then make the sale. Boom. Boom. Done.

Everything in between is a pain. It adds cost, slows you down and makes life even more complicated.

You just want to sell it. Done.

Obviously things are never that simple and so, over the years, certain functions have become accepted add-ons. An accountant, a receptionist, maybe a lawyer, a bookkeeper. But this is about where it stops. Everything else is a waste. Including marketing.

Marketing is a pain because it is not directly responsible for the sale. It is the sales team that is responsible for the sale. So what does marketing do? Where does marketing fit in a business? It is seemingly this in-between “thing” that everybody knows they should be doing, but no one is doing, partly because no one really knows what it is all about.

Unless, of course we stop separating marketing from sales and rather see it as part of one process – TO MAKE THE SALE!

You see, marketing is all about sales. Advertising, promotions, brand building, social media, websites – and every other marketing tool – exists for one reason only: to sell more stuff.

Marketing exists because companies have found, in business and consumer markets, that to lift sales beyond a certain point, to grow profitability beyond a certain percentage, they must do something extra. Something that goes beyond fighting on price. That something, is marketing.

In fact, how’s this for a definition: marketing is the part of your sales process that does not include the price.

Now ask yourself: “do you need to do marketing?”