Here’s some marketing facts for your website:
Do people visit your website?
How many visit it, on average, every week?
Where are they from?
How long do they stay on your website?
How many of them contact you?

And for social media:
How many people follow you?
Typically, are your followers your kind of customers?
When you post something, who views it? Who comments?
Where do they live?

And for search, such as Google search:
Where do you rank on Google for certain keywords?
Who ranks above and below you?

And for lead generation:
How many enquiries do you get?
How many of them converted to a sale?
On average, how long does it take for a lead to convert into a sale?

And events:
How many networking events did you attend las year?
How many leads did they generate?
Did you get any business from attending?
Do you keep contact with new introductions?

How many did you hand out?
Do anyone ever comment on how lovely or clear or helpful your brochure is?

This is marketing. It is indeed about the numbers. Yet we hardly ever look at these numbers, but are quick to complain when marketing does not deliver the numbers…

You can’t manage, what you don’t measure.