With the change in American presidents, I have been reading up on the United States Secret Service – the bodyguards protecting the president. It is fascinating stuff!

For me the most interesting thing is how they approach their work. They work in a parallel world to that of the president. They separate themselves from the immediate attention grabbing action and focus on what’s happening beyond the obvious. They look away, into the crowd. They don’t salute or greet the president. They just protect him. They are invisible stage hands tuned in to a different frequency to find any lurking danger.

I suggest that the entrepreneur takes a similar approach when reviewing his or her marketing. Tune out of the fanfare, the noise, the sounds and activities of your marketing, and look beyond the obvious to the message it is communicating. This message should focus on one thing only: value.

Instead of asking “is this pretty?”, ask “is this communicating value?”. This is the parallel world of marketing. It is what you should focus on, beyond the obvious.

Critically, value should not be confused with price. It is price plus, plus. It is about the impact your total offering will have on the total business (or life) of the client or customer.

Take another look at your marketing, and ask yourself:

  • What value are we communicating?
  • How does this compare with the value competitors are communicating?
  • Is the value we are communicate more valuable, or substantively different from what the competition is communicating?

This is the lens through which you should look at your marketing.

Don’t get side tracked by the marketing show, because that is not what it is about. As the one doing the marketing, you should act like the Secret Service and take on a completely different perspective.

Are you communicating value?