It’s about growth, isn’t it? Not marketing. Not sales. Not the latest management fad or technology trick.

It’s about growth.

Yet, when you face a growth problem, and you phone the sales consultant, they will almost certainly tell you the solution is sales related. Or even more specific, if they are a sales consultant who believes in CRM software, they will tell you that you need a CRM package to fix your growth problem.

The same goes with most marketing consultants. To them your growth problem is a marketing problem, deserving a marketing solution. If they are into social media, odds are they’ll offer you a social media package.

And so, everyone gives their solution to your problem.

But your problem goes beyond any one approach. Growth is agnostic to the latest fad or theory or functional tensions between Sales and Marketing.

You don’t solve for growth by taking a singular approach. The problem is more complex than that. What you can do – in fact what you should do – is start with the end in mind, at a single reference point to guide you in finding a true, multi-dimensional answer. That single point, is a happy customer.

Who is this person, or company that you are selling to? What are they buying from you? What else do they want from you? What problems are you solving for them? Who else are they talking to? Do they like you? Are there more of them – similar potential customers – out there?

This is how you solve for growth. You start with the goal: happy customers. The customer is as agnostic as your solution should be. No-one owns the customer. Today they buy from you, tomorrow from someone else.

If your business is struggling to grow, don’t trust anyone who offers you a single solution.

Remember, achieving growth is not one-dimensional. Growth cuts across every segment of your business to form a straight line to the customer. This is where you need to start when you have a problem.

Next time someone tells you they can help, ask them if they know your customer?