I am tired of websites that do nothing for the business. Aren’t you? They just sit there, online, every day, available on Google, and have no impact on your business. No point, apart from having one. A box, ticked.

I see many entrepreneurs cling to old fashioned marketing and sales techniques because they do not believe in, or even try, the latest approaches. It is a bit like going to war with last century’s weapons. No wonder they struggle.

Let’s get one thing clear: you must not have a website if you do not know why you have a website.

Merely having a site because it is 2017 and the accepted thing to do is not a reason. Your website must have a direct, positive, measurable impact on your company.  If it does not do this, take it down, or redevelop it.

I have recently taken a good hard look at my own website. I get hundreds of visitors, but only a handful ever contact me. That’s nonsense – and I am changing it. I have re-worked my homepage to be more direct, more to the point, more upfront about the value I can bring to a business. I want people to visit my website, and take action!

My website is not a fashion statement. I am a one-person business and need as much help as I can get without having to employ people. I need someone – “someone” – to drive my sales whilst I am working on other things. That “someone”, is my website.

In my opinion, a website should at least do the following for any business:

  • Within seconds inform visitors what you do, and why you are special.
  • Establish your credibility by offering direct evidence that you know your stuff. Who are your partners? How long have you been doing this? What’s your company history and experience? Which professional bodies do you belong to?
  • Establish a personal connection quickly by showing the faces of the people that matter.
  • Provide proof that you deliver results through testimonials and case studies
  • Make it super easy to contact you, and get a response!
  • Allow someone to find out exactly where your business is situated

Take another look at your website today, and make sure it works for you. Make sure it adds value!