Is your website a waste of money?

I asked a question recently that I thought would go down as stupid. I asked the sales rep of a mid-sized industrial company when last she had been to her company’s website? I expected to be given that “duh!” stare and be told that she regularly does because it is a key sales and marketing tool for her.

Not so. The rep had not been to the website in months. Neither had her fellow sales colleagues.

My conclusion: their website is a non-relevant, loose standing expense item with little business value. Such websites should be taken off-line, immediately. They are a drain on your margins. Just kill it!

Have another look at your website. Does it help your sales team?

The company website should be a strategic sales support tool. Nothing less. It must be so good that your customer team becomes dependent on it as integral to doing their job.

Don’t spend money on a worthless website.

Turn your website into a sales support tool

  • Show the product catalogue on your website.
  • Ensure technical product information is downloadable.
  • Make it easy to get in contact via the website.
  • Clearly state the essence of the sales pitch: what makes you different?
  • Add industry tools that can be used, such as a cost calculator.
  • Allow customers to add themselves to your email newsletter.
  • Allow customers to provide feedback on the service they received.
  • Show photos that are relevant and provide an honest inside look at your operation.