Many marketing projects fail because the marketers working on the project do not have the required skills to do the work. It’s always been easy to call yourself a marketer, and today, more than ever, the tools of the trade are available to everyone, but don’t be fooled, doing marketing right, even on a seemingly simple platform such as Facebook, isn’t easy.

Everyone can buy a set of golf clubs, but not everyone can score under par with them. It takes a pro to achieve winning results! The same goes with marketing. Everyone can call themselves a marketer, but not everyone is a pro. Trust me, when it comes to your website, social media and lead generation, you want to work with the pros!

But how do you know if someone is a pro? Here are some questions I suggest you ask your marketer:

  • Show me examples of projects you have worked on like mine, and the results you have achieved.
  • Provide me with references of people I can call that you have worked with recently.
  • Explain to me the process you will follow with a project such as mine.
  • What do you need from me to ensure the project is a success?
  • What are the main issues, frustrations or pitfalls, that could typically plague a project such as this?
  • Are there formal certifications available in your area of expertise? Are you certified? If not, why not? Most digital marketing platforms, including Facebook, Google and WordPress have professional certifications available.
  • Who exactly will work on my account? This is particularly important when working with agencies.

In short: show me what you have done; when you’ve done it; who you have done it for; how you do it and what the results are.

Get specific. Get the detail.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because marketing is a “soft science”, you don’t have to play hard ball. If your business is important, work with the pros!