Imagine this for a moment: a race through the Sahara desert. A hundred participants running 100km across the desert sand in summer, in daytime.

It’s a crazy thing to do. One by one the runners are regretting entering. They are going to die out there!

The rules of the race requires everybody to bring their own supplies – there will be no water, no food – nothing – along the route. Competitors start at the break of dawn and whoever finishes wins a medal. The rest gets eaten by vultures.

A little heavy on the stomach?

But there’s hope!

You have been given sole rights to sell – yes, sell – ice cold water at the halfway mark. You’ll be the only pitstop along the route. At the 50km mark, when the sun sits high and dread creep into the minds of the competitors, your water stand will appear on the horizon. It’s ice cold, and they can drink as much as they want and fill up their bottles. But remember, they have to pay.

At this point, let’s ask a few marketing questions relevant for most business owners:


  • Do you need a brand for your water to convince the runners to drink it?
  • Do you need a slick image for your pitstop – your business – to attract the runners?
  • Should you invest in marketing to convince the runners to stop by?
  • Do you think you need a website in order to raise awareness and generate leads?
  • Should your pitstop be on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook?
  • Should you sell your water at break even or at a substantial premium?

The correct answers are as follows: your water don’t need a brand. Your business need no image. You don’t need marketing. No website, no social media. And you better sell at a huge premium.

In fact, all you need to do is sell. Put your stock out, display the price, and ring the till.

What is the point I am trying to make?
Simply this: Not everybody needs every marketing tool in the book. If sales are pumping, customers are queuing and buying, competitors are non existent and the future holds true, then do me a favour: don’t do any marketing. Don’t spend a cent on branding.

It’s okay not to do any marketing or branding whatsoever.

So long as you are the only pitstop along the route, selling ice cold water to desperate runners with no other hope in sight.

Image source: Flickr