The inconvenient marketing truth:

Why you should do more marketing


Consider this:

  • There is a potential sale out there every minute of every day.

  • At any given moment your next big customer could be anywhere.

Every second of every day and everywhere, this is the daunting marketing challenge that we should set ourselves. Maximum reach.

Obviously this is not practical and so we have had to refine the art of targeting the market by using the law of averages: “…our market tends to be male, mid 40’s, users of LinkedIn, hates Facebook and is mostly online after dinner.”

Clearly this makes sense, but don’t be fooled! Your most lucrative sale may sit the furthest away from the average. Although it is practical to be targeting, in practice the law of averages hardly applies.

Maybe your most lucrative sale, who never uses social media because he is too busy and has better things to do, plays squash on a Wednesday with a friend who is a big user of Twitter. Your prospect shares his business problem with the friend who happens to see someone on Twitter who can help. A sale is made, although far away from the targeted average. This is how things happen in real life.

So although targeting and scheduling your marketing is the sensible thing to do, make no mistake, you should always aim to do more.

The idea that you can hyper target your marketing efforts and spend just the minimum to achieve maximum returns is a convenient message that marketers tell cash strapped business owners. But it is only a half truth and can cost you dearly in lost opportunities.

If this makes you feel anxious, then you are starting to grasp the enormity of the challenge of marketing in today’s hyper connected, hyper busy, hyper mobile world.

Everywhere, all the time. This should be your marketing goal.

So where does the entrepreneur start?

Start by challenging your approach to marketing. Instead of building your marketing from the bottom up, do it from the top down. Think bigger, not smaller.

Instead of trying to spend as little as possible, try and spend as much as possible. Instead of choosing which social media to use, rather decide which ones to ignore. Instead of deciding when you should be promoting, ask when you should not be promoting.

Turn your marketing thinking on its head. This is the age we live in.

Always try to do more marketing. It is the inconvenient truth to the matter.

Image credit: Flickr