In which league does your business play?

  • The A-league? B-league? Or C-league?
  • How do you separate the top league from the bottom ones?
  • How do you know where you play and how to win?

I think these are interesting questions for business owners.

Your business doesn’t operate in isolation. It competes. Whether you like or not. The only questions is: how stiff is the competition, and what are you doing about it?

It’s like sport.

So how do you know in which league you play?

Using the analogy of sport:

If you see a couple of guys on a soccer pitch, how do you know in which league they play? You don’t look at their skills first, because that can be deceptively good or bad. You look at what they wear. How good they look.

  • The A-league guys all wear the same kit – and its brand new. They wear good quality shoes, use a new ball and a branded team bus is parked in the background.
  • The B-league team also all wear the same outfit, but it is slightly faded by the sun and they all arrived with their own cars.
  • The C-league guys all wear what they like and kick a ragged ball, just for fun.

Its an easy guideline: The A-league team looks better than the B-league team, looks better than the C-league team.

Ask yourself: how good does your direct competitors look like? That should tell you in what league you play.

Using this method you’ll quickly be able to cluster the industry into different leagues. Once you have done so and know in which league you play, then ask yourself:

  • Am I happy to be in this league?
  • Do I have what it takes to win in this league?
  • Can I maybe move up one notch to a higher league?

I have seen industries where it looks like one big C-league. Example the mini-removals industry where no one really stands out. It is just one small truck after the next offering to move the contents of your townhouse around the block.

In this case I wonder why do no-one create their own league, a better league and stake their colours to the mast?

In other industries there are many leagues. Maybe that’s your industry?

But here’s the thing: you make the most money by playing in the A league – the pro-league. This is where you get paid the real money for doing real work. In all the other leagues you rely on a level of begging, pleading and charity.

In which league do you play?

Often the best indicator of where you belong is how good you look.



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