Identify the moments of truth for your customer


There are two crucial “moments of truth” for a brand:
  • the moment that the brand gets selected based on the promise that it will deliver, and 
  • the moment the brand gets used and experienced. 

The key is to align what the company tells customers it will do – the brand promise – with what people (or other businesses) experience  – the brand experienceThe point where the promise and the experience comes together, is the customer contact point.

Business owners should identifying the customer contact points in their companies – where customers interact with the business – and ensure these reflect what the company stands for. 


  • How the phones are answered. 
  • Reception area / meeting rooms “look and feel”.
  • Restrooms.
  • Company documentation, especially proposals & invoices.
  • Company dress code.
  • And the obvious one – how the product or service stands up to customer scrutiny.
In its work with a South African based contract packer, Firejuice conducted an audit of customer contact points. This revealed that the reception area was contradicting the ultra high hygiene standards that was achieved on the factory floor; undermining company reputation with potential customers.
By focusing on winning the moments of truth, companies can boost their corporate image and achieve advantage over competitors who, quite often, neglect their business brand.