Good digital marketing is bluntly honest!

I’ve learned many things working in big corporate environments for years, but one thing that stands out for me is that the bigger a business becomes, the more difficult it is to have honest conversations. There seems to be a direct inverse relationship between company size and honesty.
Digital marketing is all about honesty. It is about striking real connections, something a big corporate can sometimes try so hard to avoid.  In digital, you are not going to build up a fan base telling half truths, polished facts and sharing partial realities. The winners in digital, are the guys that cut to the chase, share the truth, open up and be vulnerable.
Maybe this is why it left such a sour taste in my mouth when I recently heard of a client who is evidently getting tangled up in the mirkyness of “big-corporateness”. They are wanting to move their account to another creative agency, which is perfectly understandable. These things happen. But the way they are communicating it to their current agency can do with a good dose of “digital directness” i.e., don’t bend around the bush. Just say it. Straight. Honest.  
Don’t say how you are “just considering your options” and “haven’t made up your mind” and “merely investigating what’s out there” when it is clear as daylight that you have in fact made up your mind.
In the world of digital, consumers can pick up who is honest out there and who is fake. Maybe this is why Unilever’s Dove campaign is so popular. They encourage a realness in how we think about women’s beauty. A big corporate, doing it right!
I believe this same realness should extend to daily business conversations. Be real in how you talk to your partners and stakeholders. Just be honest.
Good digital campaigns are bluntly honest. Maybe we need more this in all our communication?